TFE 2011 Wrap-up

Thanks for tuning in to the first 32 EPIC EPISODES of The Flyover Effect. We are taking a short break to recharge our podcasting batteries and to schedule upcoming guests for 2012.

If you have suggestions for topics or guests you want to hear on The Flyover Effect, shoot us an email at


We want to thank all you beautiful TFE fans for listening throughout 2011, especially those early days when we were still figuring this all out. We love your feedback and enjoy hearing what episodes you enjoyed the most. Which ones were your favorite?

Adam is referencing Episode 027, where we talk about hiring, collaborative learning, and the flaws and merits of our higher education system.

In Episode 009, we talk about bloat, brainstorming and most importantly — CAKE!


If you haven’t had a chance to listen to many of the episodes, here’s a list of a few of our favorites.


We feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to speak with some super smart people who we admire and respect. We want to thank each of our wonderful guests who Skyped in from all over the country this year. 

  Adam Connor
  Episode 029 - How to Critique Your Wife’s Cooking

  Aaron Irizarry
  Episode 029 - How to Critique Your Wife’s Cooking

  Ethan Marcotte
  Episode 025 - New Zealand, Brooklyn Beta, and Responsive Design

  Daniel Burka
  Episode 021 - Product Design (and a Few Tangents)

  Meagan Fisher
  Episode 017 - Fear and Awkwardness in Technology

  Alex Hillman
  Episode 015 - MacGyver, Safaris, Community Building

  Aaron Draplin
  Episode 013 - The Ergonomics of Weinerdogs

  Marshall Kirkpatrick
  Episode 012 - News and Noise

We also want to thank our local guests, who recorded with us directly from BitMethod HQ.

  Brett Trout
  Episode 020 - Trademarks, Patents and The Rebel Alliance

  Jeremy Harrington
  Episode 023 - An Episode About Steve

  Mike Draper
  Episode 028 - The Cultural Crossroads of the Midwest (TM) 

  Skylar Bergl
  Episode 032 - Magazines and Memes

  Joe Stych
  Episode 032 - Magazines and Memes

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EPISODE 032 - Magazines and Memes with Urban Plains’ Skylar Bergl and Joe Stych

Amanda and Scott are joined by two Drake University seniors who recently completed work on Urban Plains Magazine, an all-digital publication produced as part of a senior capstone class. We explore the popularity of iPad’s on college campuses, the plusses and minuses of digital consumption and production, and where digital publishing is heading.


Episode Notes and Links:

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EPISODE 031 - The Best Chefs Have the Worst Tools (aka The Wine Episode)

Amanda, Dan, and Scott talk about tools, Tiny Tower, cutting drywall, craftsmanship, and what building things in the real world can teach us about building them in the digital world. Also, we get really really drunk on wine.


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EPISODE 030 - Talk is Cheap, Even in Space AKA Enemies vs. Obstacles

Dan, Igor, and Scott sit down to talk through lessons they’ve learned playing a new-to-them board game based on the TV show Battlestar Galactica. The game, much like the TV show, is all about deception, secrecy, and subterfuge.

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Episode 029 - How to Critique Your Wife’s Cooking with Adam Connor and Aaron Irizarry

Amanda and Scott double-rainbow Skype all the way across the sky continental U.S. with designers Adam Connor and Aaron Irizarry in an episode about critique. Adam and Aaron don’t work together, but they are both passionate devotees of critique as a life skill and have been touring a presentation they built together on the subject. We get into critique with clients, getting over the fear of being critiqued, showing your work early and often, and even, yes, how to critique your wife’s cooking (hint: time and place, time and place).

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