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EPISODE 024 - (The) Voice with Amanda Morrow, Dan Shipton, and Scott Rocketship

Amanda, Dan, and Scott talk about creating the “voice” of a brand or digital product, communicating like a human being, innovating versus inventing (as relates to voice), and other related tangents. Amanda also does a little singing for us.

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EPISODE 011 - Grocery Shopping, Collectibles, and the Things We Do For Love

Amanda, Dan and Scott start out by trying to follow up on a group presentation they did called “What the Hell is User Experience?” but end up talking about grocery shopping, collectibles, love, and the intersection of branding and user experience. There’s a little bit about the recent Netflix price-hike in there, too.

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EPISODE 002 - Nick Gernert, Platform Services Director Voce Communications

Dan and Scott sit down in-studio with Voce’s Nick Gernert. Nick heads up all web development projects for the digital agency and has worked with high profile clients including Playstation.Blog and eBay. Topics include being “on top” of the high-end Wordpress development community, what it means to be a digital agency (as opposed to a startup) in 2011, and dealing with RFP’s.

Music intro in this episode courtesy of Edge of Arbor from Omaha, NE.